Spanish Vacation: Sevilla & Marbella

The first time I went to Spain was back in 2012 visiting Barcelona and Malaga.  This year I visited Sevilla and Marbella.  Sevilla is such beautiful city that has amazing architecture and the food is to die for!

If you are only in the city for the day and want to see all the landmarks, I suggest you take a carriage.  This would be the quickest way to get around the city.  My coachman started the tour by going through a narrow street that had beautiful bright colors on the buildings.img_4058




The cool thing about taking a carriage is that they will stop briefly so you can take pictures. The tour was 45 minutes and only 50 euros.   Sevilla is a very impressive city and would come here again!  The following day we went to another city called Marbella, which is a resort in Costa del Sol, a region in the southern part of Spain.  This city reminded me a lot of where I  reside, very beachy and laid back.



As I was walking through the city center, I stubbled upon a parade.  The parade had men, women and children dressed in traditional Spanish attire walking through the city center.  It was very cool to have witnessed this!



I had such a great time touring both Sevilla and Marbella!  I highly recommend visiting both cities if you are ever in Spain!