A Rome Getaway…

Rome has always been on my bucket list.  My boyfriend and I decided since we were in Europe that we should do a little getaway.  We were lucky because my boyfriend’s uncle is from Rome, so we got the low down on where to eat and where to go in the city.  We stayed in the city center in a hotel called Boscolo.  This hotel was luxurious and set in a prime location filled with restaurants, shops and bars nearby.


We went on a couple of tours that included the infamous Coliseum, Roman forum, Spanish steps, the Vatican, and Sistine Chapel.  The tours we went on are definitely worth the money.  You’ll walk around the historic sites with a tour guide who gives you an understanding of the rich culture and history of the city.



Thanks to my boyfriend’s uncle who recommended that we hit up an area called Trastevere which is the older part of Rome that’s filled with restaurants.  You really can’t go wrong with where you eat in this area, every place is delicious and a lot cheaper than the tourist area.  We went to a restaurant (can’t remember the name) and I swear it was the best pasta I’ve ever eaten because my plate was empty!  The pasta was freshly made and the sauce was to die for.



We also visited a pastry shop called I Dolci Di Nonna Vincenza in Campo D’Fiori.  We stood in line and my eyes were immediately drawn to the cannoli’s.  There were so many different flavors to choose from, so we got a couple.   I can understand now why there was a line because they were amazing!


Rome has a lot history and the architecture is so beautiful!  I especially enjoyed walking into a couple of churches because the detail is so stunning!


What a magical city Rome was!  If you’re dying to visit, please do because you won’t regret it!

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