Goodies from England

I’m finally back home from my long holiday in England but already missing it.  For the past six years I have been going to England with my boyfriend for Christmas and every time I make sure to get in some retail therapy.  I thought this time around I would share several things I bought.  The first day of shopping was on Regent Street, which is a major shopping street in the West End of London.  Not only is the shopping amazing on this street, but my favorite part is seeing the gorgeous display of lights!  I was on a mission that day and popped in several stores including Burberry.  The first thing that caught my attention in the store was this very cool vintage car with beautifully placed boxes above it.  I liked the center piece so much that I wanted to take a picture of it.


After hours of shopping, me and my boyfriend decided to take a stroll through Green Park.   I love walking through this park, it’s so beautiful with it’s manicured lawns and mature trees.  This park reminds me a lot of Central Park in New York city minus the lakes.  Just outside the park is Buckingham Palace, which is definitely a building to check out!


A couple of days later we continued shopping in Leicester Square and Covent Garden.  First stop Nike!  It always seems that they have a wider selection of sneakers and that’s why I love going to Nike in London.  I could of easily bought several pairs of shoes, however had to narrow it down to one pair that I really loved.


By the end of my trip, I wish I was able to fit more things into my suitcases, but both were completely full.  I honestly don’t even know how I was able to get all the things in my bag but I did it.  Note:  There were serval other basic tops that I bought but aren’t pictured.


Starting with bag, it’s from Whistles, a London company that I love.  The grey velvet pumps are from Topshop, suede boots are from Stradivarius, a Spanish company that I also love,  the green sneakers are from Nike and the grey/white sneakers are from Adidas. Overall, shopping was a success!  If you’re looking for great shopping in London, I highly recommend the areas I mentioned above.  Enjoy!





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