My 5 product flight must-haves

I travel pretty frequently so it’s very important to me that I keep my skin hydrated, mouth cleaned, and lips moistened while on a plane.  Flying dries out my skin so I want to share with you my top five products that I take with me every time I travel long distance.

The first item should be in everyone’s travel kit, it’s my toothbrush and toothpaste.  My toothbrush of choice is the electric Phillips Sonicare.  I prefer a Sonicare over a standard tooth brush even though there is more effort to keep it clean.  I also prefer a natural tooth paste like Himalaya Bontanique, it doesn’t burn your mouth and keeps my mouth fresh all day!


The second item is a face wash.  I like to travel with clean skin so if I happen to have makeup on I like to wash it off immediately.  My favorite face wash at the moment is Biologique Recherche Oxygenating Cleansing Milk.  This cleanser doesn’t strip my skin and keeps it moisturized.  A plus to the company for making  a travel size.  Most beauty products don’t make a smaller size so this is a bonus.


As I mentioned before, my skin is very important to me and to keep it hydrated while flying I use a mask.  I find that when using a mask is not only easy to apply on your face but very convenient to store in your purse as well.  The mask that I use and highly recommend is SK-II radiance and moisture boosting mask.  This mask has Pitera in it which delivers an intense hydration and boosts the radiance for your skin.  It’s a one-time use mask that you leave on for 15 minutes and toss, it’s that easy! When I remove the mask, I like to take the remaining essence from the package and pat it onto my face.


The fourth item is another great product that I carry with me at all times.  It’s a hydrating   spray from Tarte, called rainforest of the sea.  I use this spray to give me that extra boost of hydration.  This also comes in a travel size and can be found at Sephora.


Last but not least I like to keep my lips hydrated as well.  This lip moisturizer makes my lips super soft, it’s called Epiceram lip care.  I like to swipe it on my lips at least a couple of times throughout my flight.  It’s by far the best lip balm I’ve tried.


There you have it, my five must-have carry on products!  Until next, xoxo!

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