Summer Sandal Fever

Since summer isn’t officially over yet I thought I might share my curated summer sandal favorites.  These sandals were pretty much what wore the majority of the summer.  I absolutely love this time of the year where I can buy new sandals or break out the old ones and mix and match with my outfits.  The sandals I’m currently obsessing over are ones that I can easily slip my toes into with out any hassle when getting out the door!  The colors I choose are very versatile and can go with virtually everything.  As you can see I have a variety of styles from leather slide-on espadrilles, to braided double strap detail and ankle wrap sandals.


Starting from the top left: Zara Black leather slide-on espadrilles, Halogen (no longer available), Hinge flat slide sandal, Joie sable slides.

Every shoe that I buy I make sure that I can wear it with anything I have in my closet.  I have to say that one of my favorites from this line up is the Zara black espadrilles.  To my surprise, they are very comfortable and I literally wear them with shorts, skirts, rompers and jeans.  The straw detail running along the of the edge of the leather is so cute!  I feel it adds another dimension or flair to the shoe.  All the sandals are super cute, comfortable and are easy to slide into with no hassle so get them before the summer ends!