My 5 product flight must-haves

I travel pretty frequently so it’s very important to me that I keep my skin hydrated, mouth cleaned, and lips moistened while on a plane.  Flying dries out my skin so I want to share with you my top five products that I take with me every time I travel long distance.

The first item should be in everyone’s travel kit, it’s my toothbrush and toothpaste.  My toothbrush of choice is the electric Phillips Sonicare.  I prefer a Sonicare over a standard tooth brush even though there is more effort to keep it clean.  I also prefer a natural tooth paste like Himalaya Bontanique, it doesn’t burn your mouth and keeps my mouth fresh all day!


The second item is a face wash.  I like to travel with clean skin so if I happen to have makeup on I like to wash it off immediately.  My favorite face wash at the moment is Biologique Recherche Oxygenating Cleansing Milk.  This cleanser doesn’t strip my skin and keeps it moisturized.  A plus to the company for making  a travel size.  Most beauty products don’t make a smaller size so this is a bonus.


As I mentioned before, my skin is very important to me and to keep it hydrated while flying I use a mask.  I find that when using a mask is not only easy to apply on your face but very convenient to store in your purse as well.  The mask that I use and highly recommend is SK-II radiance and moisture boosting mask.  This mask has Pitera in it which delivers an intense hydration and boosts the radiance for your skin.  It’s a one-time use mask that you leave on for 15 minutes and toss, it’s that easy! When I remove the mask, I like to take the remaining essence from the package and pat it onto my face.


The fourth item is another great product that I carry with me at all times.  It’s a hydrating   spray from Tarte, called rainforest of the sea.  I use this spray to give me that extra boost of hydration.  This also comes in a travel size and can be found at Sephora.


Last but not least I like to keep my lips hydrated as well.  This lip moisturizer makes my lips super soft, it’s called Epiceram lip care.  I like to swipe it on my lips at least a couple of times throughout my flight.  It’s by far the best lip balm I’ve tried.


There you have it, my five must-have carry on products!  Until next, xoxo!

My Face and Body Favorites

I’ve been struggling with the appearance of my face for the past couple of months and It’s been really difficult to step out of my house until recently.  I came across an esthetician named Kerry who also suffers from the same condition I do, eczema.  I decided to check out her reviews and everyone raved about her, so I made an appointment to see her ASAP.   The first time I saw her my skin was a wreck.  I have never experienced what my face was going through; rough, flaky and just irritated.  I told Kerry that it’s been going on for months and I was desperate to get back to where my face use to be, normal.  She started off with a microdermabrasion, then a dermaplane, and ended with a peel which sounds like a lot for the fist session,  but was totally worth it.  After a week went by,  I started to see my skin slowly getting better.  My second session she only did a dermaplane to remove all the excess skin and finished with a moisturizer.  Another week went by and my skin was smoother, brighter and more supple.  As I continue to visit her, I see the progression and have confidence that I will look normal again!  Kerry is truly a miracle worker!  She listens to your concerns and provides you with tips to maintain your skin before your next appointment.  To upkeep my skin, I’ve purchased some of her products from her line called Stacked Skincare.  Trust me, when I believe in something I make sure to spread the word, plus the products are very effective.

The first bottle is a hydrating serum that is fantastic!  I use it day and night and this keeps my skin super hydrated.  I wash my face, then apply the serum and end with my moisturizer.  The second bottle is the TCA peel that I use at least once or twice a month.  This peel is great and is not harsh on the skin at all!  I typically do this peel at night but sometimes do it in the morning if I want to be makeup free.  If you decide to incorporate this during your morning routine, make sure that you aren’t doing anything that will make you sweat.  The peel does sting for a minute, so brace yourself before putting it on.  The great thing about this peel is that you don’t have to wash/peel it off like most of them.  This was designed to be left on the skin.  You then apply the serum followed by your favorite moisturizer and then SPF (obviously for the daytime).  The third bottle is for the body, which helps hydrate and exfoliate the skin.  I brush this onto my body once or twice a week before I go to bed.  The formula is not sticky or doesn’t smell and absorbs quickly.  All of the products are truly amazing and range from $120-$175 but lasts for two months.  Overall, these products have helped transform my skin.  If you want to learn more about her then visit her website  I hope you enjoyed it!img_4051

October Makeup Favorites

It’s mid-October already and I should be sharing fall colors, but where I live the sun’s out and it still feels like summer.  I’m a beauty addict and love testing out new products.  I typically don’t wear that much makeup and keep it pretty simple all year around unless I attend a wedding or a special event.  These are products that I’m currently obsessing over and using today.  Starting with the foundation, I love, love, love Laura Mercier products!  Everything that I have tried from her line is superb and this silk moisturizing  photo edition foundation is great.  It doesn’t feel heavy at all and has a natural finish.  What’s nice is that it comes in an oil free formula as well.  Highly recommend!   Contouring is a daily thing for me and another favorite product is from Benefit, their Hoola matte bronzer looks very natural and not shiny at all, it’s amazing.  Lastly, for my lips I’m mad for NYX’s soft matte lip cream in Istanbul.  You can get this at any drugstore but is always out whenever I need to restock, so be sure to grab a couple.  It’s a beautiful color that I will wear alone or add a lip gloss if I want extra shine on my pout.  What I like the most about this line is that it’s very affordable and the products are fantastic!  Enjoy!